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Iconic Sign Group is a story about a family. President David De La Fuente’s father started his sign business in 1935, right here in Corpus Christi. His vision was a commercial sign shop, in an era of store front attraction, and the golden era of store front retail. David’s father’s passion for signage stayed with him even  in his deployment in World War II, where he continued his passion for signage, making extra cash making signs over seas during his duty. MJ Sign Company as David’s father named it lived it’s legacy well into the mid eighties, where then David would take everything he learned from his father and rebrand the sign juggernaut, shaping  his own company called “ Signs and Graphics”. David , following all he had learned from his dad, took the old school path, everything was done by hand, literally everything! All signs were painted by hand, coming from the hand drawn drafts, revision filled pencil drawings. Mind you , this was before computers, it required meticulous attention to detail to create their signs, an attention to detail that has stuck with David even into the digital age. So in swept the 80’s, and David, the entrepreneur he is was in the fore-front of using these dinosour-essqe machines. Again to David it was all about being the best and delivering to his customers, affordable signage, and computers were the future. So move into the 90’s and the 2000’s as the industry became more dependent on computers, so did David and he is team, and he made it his mission to never be behind the curve. His personal obsession with learning all this new and upcoming technology, also fueled the fire of the team as you can see if you walk into Iconic Sign Group any day of the week. The technology they use is something incredible. From the biggest large format printer in South Texas (see video) to the 3D driven aluminum cutting machine, Iconic Sign Group stays ahead of the curve to deliver the fastest, most cost efficient product to their clients.

 Iconic Sign Group as it is branded today was officially launched in 2013, a fresh name to the same hard working and ever expanding sign company  David’s father M.J. started in 1935…. Anyone can say that they buy the best machines and hire the best people, but it is ever so evident as Iconic Sign Groups mission which is, not only to use the best machines and hire the best people, meaning: designers, installers, fabricators, materials, etc. It is a passion of Iconic Sign Group to obtain all the best so that when you hire us, you didn’t just make a sign or banner, you made a statement with the best sign produced the best people in the sign business, South Texas, possibly the world.


Our main goal is to make your business seen! So pick our brains, we are darn good at this! You can send us an email, or give us a call 361.883.SIGN…

Iconic SIgn Group

Over 80 years of Sign Building in the Coastal Bend

  • We use the best materials for sign longevity.
  • Stay ahead of the curve with all sign technology.
  • Daktronics Certified Dealer, and Installer.
  • We specialize in sign maintenance.
  • HUB and ADE certified

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    Iconic Signs has been wonderful to work with. They are always available to help and very timely with their responses. They will work with you until you are completely satisfied with the final product. We highly recommend them for your print/sign needs!

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